LaQshya- Manyata ensures that better quality care translates into better health outcomes for patients – both women and newborns.

Our Vision

To ensure private hospitals (maternity care) across Maharashtra adhere to evidence-based quality standards for maternity and newborn care services.

Our Mission

Improve quality of maternity and newborn care services in the private hospitals across all districts of Maharashtra especially in semi-urban and rural areas. The essence of the program is to train doctor and nursing staff on essential clinical and patient care protocols based on Indian government guidelines. In doing so, pregnant women in Maharashtra will receive better, safer and respectful care.

Benefits of LaQshya-Manyata

Training and Capacity Building

  • Creates a stronger team to deliver effective care and better manage life-threatening complications
  • Continuous motivation through sensitization workshops and meetings
  • On-site handholding for quality improvement
    Regular feedback for improvement

Recognition and Growth

  • Competitive advantage over other non-certified providers
  • Gain earn the respect of patients and peer groups
  • Might act as a validation during external enquiries
  • Better possibilities for marketing and brand building


  • Align with the Government of India’s national maternal health priorities for achieving the SDGs and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals
  • Adherence to best practices and protocols ensured
  • Services delivered by well-trained, competent and skilled staff
  • Assure consistent quality – no matter where a woman seeks care


  • Improved linkages with insurance providers in future